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1. How did you get our Name, Please explain:
2. Are you Bidding this job (If No, please skip to Question #6)
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3. When do you need our price for the STEEL?
4. When do you need to submit your Bid?
5. Who are you bidding this job to
 Owner's Rep 
 Bonding Co 
6. Are you ready to Buy-Out the Steel Subcontract now?
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7. When do you expect to Buy-Out the contract for the Steel
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8. Who will be buying out the Steel
9. When do you need the steel work to start in the field?
10. When do you need the steel work to be completed?
11. What type of field labor do you need on this Project?
 Non-Union Prevailing Wage 
12. Is there a Project Labor Agreement on this Job (PLA)?
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13. Is there an Owner's Controlled insurance Project OCIP or CCIP?
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14. Is there a minority requirement?
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15. What is required: Percentage Required
16. Are you expecting us to provide any of your minority requirements?
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17. If you have an image or blueprint submit it here.
Our Structural Steel Price aims to include all steel shown on the STRUCTURAL DWGS such as beams, columns, posts, anchor bolts, bearing plates, bracing, hangers; roof frames, shear studs, metal decking, trusses..

Our Miscellaneous Metals Price aims to include all steel shown on ARCHITECTURAL DWGS such as stairs, railings, ladders, handrails, catwalks, etc.